Q: Is there a minimum charge for a job?

A: Every job is different, but due to the high cost of moving heavy equipment a 4-6 hour minimum may be required for each piece of equipment taken to the site to perform the work.  Just call our office and speak with one of our estimators to find out more information.


Q: Can I make a change to the project once work has begun?

A: It depends on the type of change and when the request occurs, but typically you can do this. Please note that such changes can greatly impact the cost.


Q: Why charge by the hour and not give a "hard bid"?

A: Charging by the hour is typically done when no blueprints are available and the customer is not exactly sure what they want to do but have a very general idea.  Hourly pricing can help reduce the cost to both the customer and the contractor while making sure the customer gets exactly what the are wanting for the price they are wanting to spend.  Some examples of this might be clearing or pond maintenance.


Q: When do I pay my bill?

A: Generally all payments are required to be made at the end of your project.  Payments are required to be padi in full and we do not offer payment plans or credit.